A-Z of Adventure



homeThe hot air balloon is the oldest human-carrying flight technology. The experience of ballooning is both thrilling and enchanting. It can truly make you feel on top of the world. Rise above it all, with this gentle yet awe-inspiring experience that can be enjoyed by all age groups. See travel plan
...completely enchanting


homeGrab your binoculars and get out into the open spaces for a day of birding. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot the endangered Sarus crane, that grows up to 5 feet tall. Professional guides, with knowledge of bird calls and habitats, take you on a fascinating journey through some of the world’s most famous bird sanctuaries. A fun and educational activity for all generations to enjoy.
intriguing and pleasurable…

Bicycling travel plan

homeExperience the Indian Himalayas in the most intimate way with a cycling tour in Uttarakhand. Visit major pilgrimage spots and places of outstanding natural beauty. Cruise through tiger country in Corbett National park or along the banks of the sacred Ganges river. See travel plan

Motorbiking travel plan

homeGet out on the open road and put distance between you and your worries with a high-energy, high-altitude motorbike tour. Make serious headway into spectacular landscapes with a group of like-minded souls. Camp out and see the stars like you’ve never seen them before, free from light pollution. Test your mettle at oxygen-thin heights and plunge into dramatic mountain valleys. Not for the fainthearted! See travel plan
amazing sense of freedom…


home“It’s the closest thing to being a bird I can imagine. Absolutely incredible.” Paragliding is a sport that’s becoming increasingly popular in India. Soar with the eagles above serene landscapes with outstanding 360 degree views. A professional instructor sits behind to guide you through the process so no prior training is required. You begin by literally running off the side of a mountain. The combined feeling of buzz, serenity and freedom is hard to describe. Powered paragliding is similar to paragliding with one difference – it’s powered by an engine. This transforms the unit into an ultralight aircraft. Read more
total adrenaline rush…


homeDescribed as sitting in a swing in a park at 500 feet, parasailing is when the person is attached to a parachute and towed behind a boat (if over water) or vehicle (if on land). The speed of the boat or vehicle, driven by a trained professional, controls the height of the parasailer. Experience the rush of adrenaline as the vehicle accelerates and you ascend into the air. Read more
heart-stopping and addictive…

River Rafting

homeRiver rafting allows you to experience parts of the wilderness that are inaccessible by ordinary means. There is nothing like the thrill of feeling the power of surging waters beneath you as you guide the raft through some of natures remotest and most spectacular regions. We take you to some of the best river-rafting sites in the world. Every rafting trip is handled by professional rafters and team guide with a thorough knowledge of the conditions and procedures. But this adventure sport comes with a warning. It’s addictive!
Refreshing in every way!

River crossing

homeLearn a skill regularly used as a training exercise in the army with white water river crossing. A relatively easy way to get the adrenaline pumping, river-crossing involves monkey crawling along a metal wire from one bank to the other, while safely strapped in a harness. Feel the rush and hear the roar of the rapids while working those biceps!
extreme fun!

Rock Climbing

homeA test of endurance and nerves, rock climbing brings you up close and personal with the mountain’s face. Steep rock formations provide a challenging and inspiring environment for the more daring adventurer. With the help of trained professionals, and kitted out with a harness, ropes and caribiners, you will ascend to impressive heights and survey a view earned with your own sweat.
 something unexpected…

Tiger Safari

homeThe rare and endangered India tiger still roams the wilderness of the subcontinent. Join a tiger safari and become one of the few people in the world to experience the awesome once in a lifetime thrill of seeing one in the wild and explore its remote habitat in the unspoiled nature reserves of Uttarakhand and Rajastan.
experience of a lifetime….

Quad Biking

homeQuad biking is an action packed and fun way to discover the thrill of negotiating an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) over spectacular cross country trails. No prior experience is required as training is provided by experienced staff. Bikes of both 90 cc to 250 cc are available depending on your needs. Get off
the beaten track and go explore!
just amazing…


homeSlithering involves descending slowly from a stable height, usually a bridge, at a controlled pace down to a river. As you descend, you keenly feel the elements around you; the rushing water below and the wind in your hair. Although this sport is very safe, the only support you have is a harness and rope, which brings you into intimate contact with the natural surroundings.


homeRappelling(sometimes called abseiling) is similar to slithering, but includes the support of a vertical surface. It is a challenging activity with a firm grip required at every step. The downwards momentum is controlled by your own grip as you slide the rope through the caribener. Don’t worry. The support and guidance of a trained professional is always on hand.
a totally different experience….


homeThere are few activities more fun than zorbing, and one that all the family can enjoy. You enter inside a large inflatable plastic ball and roll along the ground or on water. The balls have two transparent skins connected by wires. The area in between the skins is inflated to form a protective cushion and acts like a self-propelled all trerain vehicle!