What if you could take a break from your everyday pressures and schedule, and venture forth into a completely different environment–one that is filled with fresh experiences around every corner?

And what if you could do this without having to worry about how you’ll get there, where you’ll stay, rising airfares, finding a reliable travel agent, making hotel reservations, or searching for package deals?

Whether you’re traveling in a group, with friends, family or solo, Peaks ‘n Sands brings to you all the benefits of our experience in our brand new Lifetime Adventurer Membership Program. It’s time to bid adieu to the uncertainties of saving funds for travel, global recession warnings, and losses in business or pink slips.

Sign up for Peaks ‘n Sands LIFETIME ADVENTURER Membership
Whether you’re looking for a grand vacation in high style or an annual getaway to unwind, we offer the finest destinations and options any time of the year. You get to choose your own accommodation style, your preferred mode of travel, and how long you can spend away from home.

And here’s the unique benefit: YOU RECEIVE 200,000 INR in MEDICAL INSURANCE!
We have what you need, from state-of-the-art Club Houses, luxuriously furnished cottages, suites and rooms, multi-cuisine restaurants, lounge & resto-bars, modern gyms with Spa, Massage, Steam & Sauna facilities, jungle safari, yoga facilities, banquet & conference facilities, swimming pools, a variety of outdoor & indoor game and sports, children’s play area and more….
Become an esteemed Lifetime Adventurer Member of Peaks ‘n Sands in just 4 easy steps:

1. Complete the Membership form.
2. Invest a one time sum of 500,000 INR or 300,000 INR (see membership levels).
3. Receive your Lifetime Adventurer Membership card plus 200,000 INR of medical insurance from Max Bupa Medical Insurance within 14 days.
4. Give us a call and book your trip of a lifetime!


The BENEFITS of a Peaks ‘n Sands Lifetime Adventurer Membership
  • You will be assigned a Personal Travel Manager to look after your travel needs and assist you in designing your dream travel experience.
  • You pay only one time and never have to worry again
  • If a full year lapses without booking any travel with us, you will receive a re-imbursement of  25,000 INR
  • If you choose not to renew your membership you receive a 50% reimbursement of your membership fee
  • Your membership is completely transferable to another party, even if you wish to transfer your membership for one year
  • Your travel maximum of 100,000 INR can be used towards a single or multiple trips
  • After a period of 10 years you have the option to cancel your membership and the sum of 200,000 or 100,000 INR (depending on membership level) will be returned without interest.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Membership is valid for a LIFETIME (25 years).
  • Membership can be canceled or renewed after 25 years.
  • If, after 25 years, membership is not renewed, there will be re-imbursement of 50% of membership fee.
  • Membership cannot be withdrawn or canceled before completion of 10 successive years.
  • In case of cancellation of membership after 10 years the sum of 200,000 INR will be refunded for Diamond Adventurers and 100,000 for Gold Adventurers
  • Travel expenses (airfare, accommodation) up to a maximum limit of 100,000 INR (per year) is covered for Diamond Aventurers and 50,000 INR for Gold Adventurers.
  • If a member does not travel for a full year, there will be re-imbursement of 10% of membership fee.
  • Travel request will be communicated by member 45 days in advance before planned travel date.
  • Travel can be booked for another party on written confirmation from registered member.
  • Health insurance coverage of 200,000 INR per year from Max BUPA Health Insurance will be provided to both Diamond and Gold members and their immediate family members.