Travel Tips


Whether you only have a few days, or have time to take that trip of a lifetime, take a few moments to think about the goals of your getaway. This will not only help you to define your expectations, but will also help us to meet them and more!

Deciding your destination

  • Do you have a destination in mind?
  • If so, how did you find out about this place?
  • How reliable and recent is this source?
  • What attracts you about this destination?
  • What do you want to do there?
  • Are there specific attractions you wish to see?
  • Visiting historical sites?
  • Cultural performances?
  • Exploring nature? Relaxing on the beach?
  • Trying out new dishes?
  • Adventure sports?

Traveling time

  • When do you want to travel?
  • Do you have specific dates or a general time frame?
  • How long do you have for your trip? How flexible is this?
    (Make sure you factor in the travel time to and from your destination in your schedule.)
  • Is this the best time of year for your destination, either in terms of weather or the availability of the activities you wish to participate in?


  • What is your per person budget for the entire trip?
    (Make sure to include travel costs, accommodation, meals, and extra expenditures like batteries and souvenirs)
  • We at Peaks ‘n Sands have expertise in matching budgets to travel experiences, so you get the best experience out of what you can afford.

About you

  • What level of comfort are you looking for?
  • Luxury, mid-range, budget or rustic?
  • What kind of accommodation do you require? Lodges, hotels, home stay, guest house? camping?
  • What kind of experience do you have in travel and adventure?